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My Fellow PT Colleague,

How much money have you spent on advertising methods that have brought in little or no results?

Like a lot of PTs, you’ve probably tried all kinds of “traditional” ways of marketing yourself and your physical therapy practice.

You’ve advertised in the newspaper, in magazines, and through direct mail.

You’ve had brochures and flyers made, passed them out to everyone you meet, and left them at doctors’ offices and other medical establishments.

You’ve attended networking events with other healthcare providers and physical therapists.

You’ve written introduction letters to local doctors in hopes of gaining referrals.


Have Any of These “Traditional” Marketing Methods Consistently Helped You to Gain a Steady Stream of Patient Referrals into Your Private Practice?

Are you tired of throwing away money on advertising that does not give you the results you need to grow your physical therapy business?


I know Exactly what you’re going through!

You are eager to grow your referral base…

You want to expand your practice…

It is important that people in your local community know who you are and how you can help them…

And, you want to increase revenues monthly to pay the bills, cover operating expenses, and enjoy a comfortable living…


Most of the traditional methods you’ve tried have seemed like good ideas, yet none of them has consistently brought you the amount of patient referrals and clients you need to grow and sustain your practice for years to come.


I know how frustrating this can be, but the good news is that I can help!

I have a solution for you!


Hi. My name is Samuel Awosolu and, like you, I’m a physical therapist. However, I’m also a marketer who’s discovered a surefire  method of marketing for physical therapists that’s not only effective, it’s inexpensive and gets results!

I’ve helped other physical therapists use this alternative marketing method and, more importantly, I’ve helped them achieve both their career and financial goals by using this same method.

Like you, the physical therapists I’ve helped wanted to expand their referral base and let perspective patients and clients know who they were and what they could do to help them.

They wanted to expand their PT practices, get more people to attend their community workshops, and sell more of their PT products such as books and instructional videos.  And like you, they tried all the traditional advertising methods you’ve tried with little or no success.

Finally, they consulted with me out of frustration; because they knew I was a good physical therapy clinician and marketer who could think outside the box.

When they came to me for help, these physical therapists and other healthcare providers were in the same position you’re probably in now. They were having difficulties with their physical therapy marketing methods, and they were looking for new ways to get the word out.

I was able to help them do everything they had been trying to do on their own… …and I can help you too! How?


I introduced them to the online marketing method of blogging!


In case you’re not familiar with blogs, a blog (short for “web log”) is a web site containing regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics, video, or podcasts.

With a blog you have the opportunity to market yourself while building an ongoing relationship with the people you want to serve.

Blog writing is an easy, fun, and effective way to advertise your physical therapy practice or any other part of your physical therapy business such as CEU courses, books, videos, or products you offer to your patients and clients. Best of all, unlike other methods of advertising, using your blog as a way to market yourself is inexpensive!

The misconception out there is that blogs don’t look like “regular-looking” websites; but on the contrary, blogs can be customized to look and function like  “regular-looking” websites.


Having a Physical Therapy blog for Your Physical Therapy Practice or Business Will Allow You To:



Share your skill and knowledge in your area of expertise. – Posting daily tips will build your credibility as an expert in physical therapy.

Interact with your readers – Leave comments,  initiate discussions, and begin building relationships with both existing patients and potential patient referrals.

Use podcast audios– Podcasts are a popular way of listening to content on your mobile device or tablet. Build credibility and be viewed as a trusted source in your area of expertise by talking about topics that matter most to your audience.


 More Things You Can Do With A Physical Therapy Blog:


Use videos as a marketing tool – Personalize your message to existing patients and potential patient referrals through online videos. Use this medium to continue building relationships with your audience.

Gain residual income – Use your blog in conjunction with outside revenue sources such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes or other third party companies who sell rehab equipment to earn commissions and sales. When you refer your audience to their websites, you can earn an additional passive income revenue stream.

Bring more traffic to your main website – Adding links from your blog to your main website will allow your potential patients to get to know more about you and your practice. It also increases the potential for a call into your private practice for a visit.

Link to your social media pages – Easily add your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter connections on your blog. Use your social media connections to grow your online community around your physical therapy practice or other businesses.

Use keywords to optimize your blog – Using targeted keywords that focus on your specialty and location will lead your target audience to your web presence quickly and easily from the search engines.

Unlimited potential–  I extensively cover many more benefits to having a blog in the PT Blog Academy.


Now, you’re probably asking, “Do I really need to have a blog if I already have a website?” Again, the answer is, “Absolutely!” 

The reason is that with a static website, you are not able to reap all the benefits of what a blog can do for your physical therapy business.

Today, more and more people are going to medical websites and blogs seeking knowledge and advice about all kinds of medical conditions. Your website is a great tool to introduce yourself, but a blog will take you one step further to cementing a real relationship with the people your services and products are geared towards.

Use your existing website to let potential patient referrals and existing patients know who you are and what you do. Then link it to your blog and use your blog to give them an “up close and personal” look at what benefits you can offer them.


If you have a website, but no blog, you can’t:

Interact with existing patients and potential patient referrals.

Build relationships that allow people to know who you really are and the many ways you can help them through the services you offer.

Let them see you and hear your voice so they start to feel as if they know you. (remember, people have to feel as if they know you before they will trust you enough to invest in your products or services).


Having your own blog will offer you the opportunity to connect with the people you want to serve and will bring you one step closer to achieving access to more patient referrals, clients, and other opportunities.

As your fellow colleague, I want to help get you on the road to achieving those goals quickly, easily, and effectively.

Now, I understand you might not have the time to set up a blog or that you might not know all the technical aspects involved in running a blog,

Therefore, I created a library of videos that show you or your office staff how to setup a blog step-by-step.


It’s called the PT Blog Academy!
A Blogging Bootcamp for Physical Therapists!

Here is a list of some of the video modules:


Module #1

Planning Out Your Physical Therapy Blog

Obtaining  a Domain Name for Your Blog

Choosing and Setting Up Your Web Host Account

Setup Your WordPress Blog Through Your Hosting Account


Module #2

Overview Of Your WordPress Blog Dashboard

Configuring Your Blog Settings

What Are Permalinks and How to Configure Them

Creating Categories

How to Create New Blog Posts

How to Create New Pages

How to Edit Blog Posts and Pages

How to Insert Images into Your Blog Posts and Pages

How to Create a Static Welcome Page for Your Blog


Module #3

How to Upload and Install WordPress Themes

How to Update WordPress Automatically

Customizing Your Theme

How to Put a Custom Header in Your Blog

How to Customize Your Theme Menu

What Are WordPress Widgets and How to Use Them in Your Blog

How to Install WordPress Plugins

How to Upgrade and Delete Plugins


Plus 4 Extra Modules That Will Teach You How to Find and Write Content for Your Blog, How to Promote it to Attract Referrals, and How to Get Your Phone Ringing!


Not a Techie? Not a Problem!

My easy to Follow videos break down geek speak into language everyone can understand.

Fact: – you’ll be using one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective marketing tools available for Physical Therapists. Once inside you will have the choice to watch my step-by-step training videos to create a physical therapy blog for your private practice or other physical therapy business.

The other option if you are very busy and just don’t have time to do it is to have me setup a blog for you with the “Do It For Me Service” upgrade option. The physical therapists I’ve helped have already discovered the value of having their own blog as well as the value it adds to their brands.

They have successfully used their blogs to increase exposure and awareness of their products and services. Now, it’s your turn!


The PT Blog Academy Can Also Be Used By Other Healthcare and Fitness Professionals


Occupational Therapists

Speech Therapists

Personal/ Athletic Trainers

Strength And Conditioning Coaches


Whatever you decide I’m here to make sure you succeed!

Inside the PT Blog Academy, you’ll discover how to setup and promote a physical therapy blog that attracts new patient referrals, and builds relationships with your existing patients.


Here are some of the things you will be able to do after completing my one-of-a-kind blogging bootcamp training course for physical therapists and other healthcare providers.


Build a Successful Blog for Your PT Practice, CE Course, or Other PT Business.

Optimize Your Blog for the Search Engines to Attract Potential Patient Referrals.

Integrate Social Media with Your Blog, Including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Posting Videos or Audios to Your Blog.

Writing Blog Posts That Attract Your Target Audience.

Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Blog to Increase the Exposure of Your PT Business.

Plus, many other cutting-edge marketing tactics that I will share with you on our webinars.


Here Are Some of the Benefits to Enrolling in the PT Blog Academy

Access to a Members-Only Forum for Blog Marketing Tips & Tricks

24hr Customer Support Through the Help Desk

A Rolodex of Resources to Help Grow Your Blog

Access to Free Tools and Ebooks to Help Crush it with Marketing Your Blog

Live Webinar Workshops on Blogging and Marketing Your Practice

Live Question and Answer Sessions for Members Only

Go ahead and choose your enrollment option below:



  • Group Enrollment
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  • Enrollment of 2-10 Staff Members
  • Unlimited Access to Video Trainings
  • Access to Member Forums
  • Access to Webinar Workshops & Replays
  • 24hr Customer Support
  • Live Q&A Sessions
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Your Purchase Is 100% Protected

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that the PT Blog Academy will improve your relationships with your existing patients and help you to acquire new patient referrals, that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money-Back Guarantee. All I ask is that you try out the PT Blog Academy for 30 days and if you don’t see the benefit in 30 days, then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me at the helpdesk and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full.

Try it risk-free for 30 days with my 100% Unconditional, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!

That’s right. Your success in setting up your blog for your physical therapy practice or other health-related business is completely guaranteed. This means that if you’re not satisfied with the program for any reason, simply let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund of the total purchase price; no questions asked!

I stand behind my service and strive to create only the best resources and tools for physical therapists and other health and fitness entrepreneurs. So, try it for a month. I’ll help guide you into creating your first blog. If you’re unsatisfied with how easy it is or with the results you’ll see, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get back every penny you paid. That’s right. You’ll recieve a prompt and courteous refund with no headaches and no hassles.



I’m not done…

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  • How to Build Quality Backlinks That Point to Your Site.
  • SEO Tips to Help Your Site Always Get Found in Search for Your Targeted Keyword Terms.
  • Plus more..

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Samuel Awosolu, PT

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